Victoria Summer on Camelot Castle

As an Alumni of the ‘Icons of the Future’sponsorship programme I want to share my success with you all since connecting up with John, Irina and Ted at Camelot Castle.

As a singer/songwriter, I had been working hard over the past few years to really make my vision of my music and my dream into a reality.

In June last year the ‘Icons of the Future’ sponsorship programme and Camelot Castle helped fund the exact creative and artistic study that I had wanted and needed to do for a very long time.

This was without question a turning point in my life.

Since then my career has really taken off, not to mention many other successes within my family and personal life. My vision is clearer and more focused than ever before and I have begun to now create the team around me I have always dreamed of and I am currently working with some amazing writers, producers and teachers. I have a newfound excitement and drive to succeed and the support I have had from my great friends at Camelot.

John, Irina and Ted and all the staff that work so hard to put the project there has really made a huge difference.

I would also like to thank all the friends of Camelot Castle and the ‘Icons of the Future’ program all across the world for how you have helped and for helping me make my dreams come true.